From the writing blogs I’ve been reviewing. It seems that I should focus on one project. All the while ignoring the ever presiding ever increasingly less than mundane world out there. I’ve decided to put my dozen or so incomplete novella’s on hold and switch gears…

Taking inspiration from Kurt Vonnegut. I’ve recently read Cat’s Cradle and God Bless You, Mr Rosewater. The former got me studying quasi-crystals and it theoretically seems more likely the cascade affect dribbled within the book isn’t water based? Mr Rosewater’s conundrum to save society is to not be poor. However, not being poor means putting forth effort; and the underlying cynical philosophy of why bother trying? The relentless tentacles of conformity’ll get cha-cha-cha no matter which cloud you danse on? That or women’s underpants?

I don’t have to social skills to “deal” with people. What is the ideal response to provocation? Ideally continuing to chive on. Haters are gonna hate!!! I do take issue with not being able to go grocery shopping without having to dodge random strangers trying to hip-check me. Now maybe that person did that as a gag but I’m not certain who find violence funny? I’d really like to believe it was only a practical joke to which I was on the receiving end of. A joke? Fine so be it. I’m okay with guerilla performances. I have even attended a few so called sanctioned shows. À la ‘Asphalt Jungle Shorts’ but DTK current economic climate isn’t conclusive to anything #KWawsome. Even when the yuppies took over when there was the tech-boon up until the before times. Them “young urban professionals” were just as hyperbolically unfriendly as the hordes are drunken groups bar hopig after midnight. Except they were intoxicated on power. Or groupthink. Or, just because they had well-to-do upbringing and education isn’t going to make treat others (they feel are socially beneath them) with basic respect and common courtesy… I used to think that the so called ‘new money’ would be respectable. Turns maybe only in settings where they can act smoochie to appease office politics and decorum. Often while on my way to DTCC to play volleyball or basketball. I’d be heckled or harassed by yuppies as I’d bike past them. I’m not sorry for choosing a Human Powered Vehicles over the ever life sustaining petrol-guzzling SUVs. Don’t worry, Climate Change is only a conspiracy created by vegan bicycle driving hedonistic heathen hippies heaven bent on destabilizing the freeworld. There is no need to plan ahead and switch to a more sustainable environmentally kosher alternatives. All oil fields won run dry by 2026… and there I was lead to believe by my trusty OED that the gentry were obligated to share their wealth. Yet here and there they were taking verbal cheap shots at the poor for cheap thrills…

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