Let sad news inspire you to create?

After I heard the sad news about Desmond Morton I decided to pick up one of his books. It inspires me to prepare poetry for Remembrance Day. Hopefully I’ll have a polished poem by the time the clock tocks that date.


As for war. In all of the simulations war is the only constant. Something about human nature that makes some people feel the need to dominate/subjugate others. As a pacifist I try to remain nonviolent. Some may see being polite as a weakness but not I said the writer to his blog which nobody reads. Maybe my superpower is gullibility.


More fuel for the ether? Why be nasty violent and vengeful whenceforth you could be a model denizen? Well, I’ve been mistaken for quite a lot of things in life. I’ve been called a dirtbag freeloading hippie, a grungy greasy punk, and other such lowlife lables people like to pin onto a donkey.


I try my best to keep my dejected caricature to my fiction… so until Marshal Law is declared or the moon conspiracy is revealed as false truth. I stay strong and free?

Nothing is as silly as believing all of that folly with an open heart?