What colour is your solus?

So many souls gleeful with darkness? And ‘they’ do their worst to try to change the frequency of your soul! Can’t everybody see the colour of others soli?

Just because someone has darker skin than you doesn’t mean they have a dark heart.

I like the gays with their rainbow soouls. Not to say some don’t encompass darkness. Shimmering iridescent like a raven or a puddle of oil. A pale blackness dancing with the full spectrum like the spectre of this autistic adult waiting at the bus stop?

eXist3nZ as a conundrum

the ignorant man full of wisdom


the warmongering pacifist

the vegetarian that eats fish

a heart full of hope doesn’t need to “wish”


the saint that sins

a LottoMax millionaire that practices minimalism

a sober alcoholic remains stoic


a destructive creationist

with chaotic orders of tranquility

that’s friends with a capitalistic Marxist


a sad woman that always smiles

while honestly embracing

senile of the truth


an environment polluted with cleanliness

the ephemeral materialist

a gullible skeptic?








Only fools and loners?

I was once foolish enough to fall in swoon with the silhouette of a lady. She was a tramp? Highly inebriated and lacking clear judgement. I devoted almost all of my thoughts and prayers to the idea of her. The temporary elation I acquired ignored almost all of reality.

Mainly, that she wasn’t into me?

To have a desire that is persistently unfilled. May lead to a broken ego? Ever forgettable I am walking down the street wearing nothing but a pumpkin. Avoiding eye contact because I’m an autistic adult not a conceded fool. Ever so aloof to only notice her shadow. Then fear the face it leads to is disgusted with unkempt bearded me with cheeto stained lips.

Trying so, to avoid any unpleasant misunderstanding; “I’m sorry. I thought ‘freedom of expression’ was a given here on this just land?”. That would include freedom to be a dumb mute. Freedom of being chastised from supposed peers. Jeering fools that may think I care what they have to say.

When I likely wouldn’t even give them the time of day?

“Do you have the time” (to listen to you whine?)

{no response, the eschewal continues}

[carries around pocket books in foreign langues to look like a tourist]

Responds only with that universal gesture of peace and love?

Mistreat others the same way you desire to be mistreated?




“Just keep smiling”. Is what she wanted to say to him. Say to me? Except he wasn’t already smiling. Why put yourself in social situations then remain obstinate? Maybe because he liked being around people but just wasn’t good at socializing. Like the other day at the green grocer downtown. There was an inked up plain Jane hovering nearby he could have at least said hello to. Maybe the feminist propaganda got the better of him.

“Why do MEN think we’re here for them?”, said the disgruntled womyn?

He couldn’t really tell is she was gazing with delight in his direction or if she just desired one of those plump avocados. That he just so happened to be standing in front of. His friend gave him some sound advice.

Just talk to people until you get used to talking to people. Then you may know the difference between a woman that gives you butterflies and just being nervous around people.

So he started hanging out at hipster cafes hoping that somebody would talk to him. However, nobody did? Everyone at the cafe seemly already had a clique. And most group of friends aren’t open to outsiders?

If you be friendly with everyone, doesn’t mean everyone is your friend.

He started feeling like that teenager with Downsyndrome he’d seen around to and chatted with a few times. The kid would hang-out on benches in public areas and try to talk to passer-by’s and almost everyone ignored him. Henry was the only one to acknowledge that person as a fellow human being?

There isn’t much difference between a restaurant and a jail house cafeteria. Sit at the wrong table and expect /r/PublicFreakOut ? Sounds like a fun social experiment?

Hoping to meet a woman isn’t going to make it happen. You have to put in effort to socialize. Like that woman in the car in the parking lot at the mall. He only realized she honked and pulled over to the side to maybe chit-chat when he was a hundred foot steps away. Why feel guilty for wanting a normal life?

The number one sure pathos to a good life is having a good life partner; are dating websites the key to finding this or an unwise shortcut?

Love is a warm gentle smile. A chance for fleeking minds to meet the ever sought after ideal. Like sunshine on a cloudy day. Does your nimbus part the clouds?

Maybe Henry needs some danse-danse therapy. Take his dancing shoes out of storage and find a dance floor and dance like there is no tomorrow?