Two dead lines five days and unlimited coffee

I’m two-thirds done the Malahat Review Long Poem Contest. I’m going with the minimum ten page submission of avant-garde stream-of-conscious nonfixed verse.

Lack of any stanza or form ain’t poetry?

CBC Music is humming in the background. Radio II is my preference with the night stream streaming whilst pretending to be productive at whatever cafe I happen to drift to. Trying to keep clear of university town.

Is the ideal cafe quiet or lively?

Too quiet, and I feel obligated to buy more than just one coffee an hour. Too lively, and then me wants to join the reindeer games. Which is wholly yet half-hearted frowned upon?


If I get writers block then this five day binge is going to stretch out like that freak chocolate accident. Very sad to hear about the local stream being polluted. As if the water shed isn’t already a clogged pore. Unsightly blackheads, bright yellow smile, like the sun peaking threw a cloudy mid-afternoon. Through the gloom, yoga may save me?

Do you like getting caught in the rain?

Subsidizing Writing Careers Would Benefit Us All

“There are hidden costs to a career in writing, and ideal technology is one of them. Owning a Mac laptop is not about status and bandwagons for me. Having a workstation that is both aesthetically pleasing and fluidly functional is important to my writing process. It may sound silly to some, but the sheer pleasure of writing on a beautiful machine is a force that drives my work sessions. Well-crafted tools are revered in many professions and, I would argue, inspire us to do better work, whatever that work may be.”

Malahat Review Long Poem Contest 2019

I had the fortune of meeting Sonnet L’abbe when she was in town a few years ago as poet laureate of local university. I subscribe to her twitter and found this contest to enter. It’s due on  February 1st, 2019. So in the mean time you’ll find me in .random cafe’s being an extroverted hermit writing away, and hopefully not too distracted by the hipsters?