Happy Saint Paddy’s Day/Night

Being an honorary Irish man. It’s a shame that when people think of the Irish they think of obtuse alcoholism. Let us not confuse a honorary Irish man with an ornery one. I know my limits and drink within it. Am also in the habit of trying to make a good name for myself and desire building community and social networking.

Being a shameless drunk isn’t the impression I’d like to make upon the local community. Being a shameless poet and entertainer is a more positive method of building a reputation of being full of delightful charm.

Another Irish stereotype is being a fighter and I’d rather be a lover. Besides Conor McGregor represents that front already. Please keep the violence where it belongs, within sanctioned fights within a ring with referees. This society doesn’t need pissant fools going around being ‘scrappy’ at pubs, it needs more happiness and dare I say – love!

I’m all decked out in green apparel. Lucky shamrock drawls & socks, green corduroy pants, argyle plaid vest with lime green oxford gold shirt with a clownish large clover tie. Yet parked in front of a pc writing.

I just watched the Raptors game against the Pistons. Toronto won 87 to 75 over Detroit. However, revelry got called short as my brother from another mother got called into work on overtime tomorrow.

I’m currently editing my ‘In the Company of Womyn’ (romance novella) and will publish it here whence complete.

A novella is a pulp-fiction shortstory that typically is 32 pages and full of crass cliches…