A poem about Canada’s Conscientious Objectors of the Second World War

I went to a film screening today on campus and figured to string a few words together…

[ http://www.therecord.com/events/6553261–film-screening/ ]



As if one argument holds more more merit than the other,

Faith is like a child it must be loved, and requires

constant tending like a garden.


The powers that be are relentless with their

reasoning for war, pride in the form of patriotism

marshal law under the War Measures Act.


Being called out as a coward by a one man tribunal,

having to affirm OUR nonresistance as pestilence,

quoting the good book by heart.


The hardships of being a Mennonite go beyond the homestead

of settlers labour for self-sustainable agriculture

for the simple life on the farm challenging enough.


With the purpose to serve OUR brethren, family, and church

sometimes we come upon the frown of a donkey,

in the seat of the helm of justice.


The only question that begs to be asked is;

“to whom has more faith?”, those the freemen,

or the farm animal tangled in the reigns!


Jasper, Lake Louise, and Doug Mountain were the unsuspecting

labour camps for those that remained nonconformist and

affirmed the Mennonite way of life was a peaceful vow.


A real friendly bunch as close as kernels of corn on the cob,

each neighbour helping the other stand striaght

a community of thirty telephoneless farms of harmony.


A just cause about 10,000 strong …