Spider Webs under review

This is a mystery novel circa 1980’s by writer en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margaret_Millar (we both attended the same high school, although different centuries mind you) the author that specialized in if not invented court-room procedurals. I’m only on the first chapter a whopping sixty something pages, which I’m not used to. However, so far it paints a detailed and entertaining story.

The book is approximately three hundred and thirty pages in length which was probably standard for a mystery novel at that time. As mentioned each chapter was quite lengthier than what I’m used to reading pulp-fiction novels of about two hundred pages.

Breaking down the chapter’s by the six main characters; The Judge, Donnelly (which is the defendants lawyer), The District Attorney, The Clerk, The Witnesses, and The Defendant.

The opening quote is quite applicable; “Laws are spider webs through which the big flies pass and the little ones get caught.” ~Honoré de Balzac

The judge is near to retirement and this may be one of his last high profile cases. It is a high profile case because the alleged murderer is the skipper from the Caribbean on a millionaires yacht and the victim is an upper-class lady from Bakersfield, California. Cully King, the skipper of the Bewitched had met at the bar of Marina del Playa. A ritzy hotel that Cully happened to be checking out while bar hopping in a dapper navy blue blazer and skipper hat. …

(review under process – work in progress)

The story end with justice being served but not as one would expect from a law abiding citizen!

One of many Poetry Contests

Today is the big day, the weekend of the Contemporary Verse II 48-hour poetry challenge. They provide a list of ten top secret words and those of us champion wordsmiths that were savvy enough to have caught wind of such a delightful event and signed-up one week early; Are blessed to participate in the dare I say and call it a competition?


12 Angry Feminists (2016)

I’m working on a screenplay (if only for my own amusement) of yet another remake of 12 Angry Men (1957&1997) but this time with a feminist twist. The idea is to use that recent case of alleged indecency of that socialite slash celebrity personality out of Toronto.

The story will follow the vigilante proceedings of an informal collective of social justice warriors out for revenge…

Spoiler alert, at the end they hogtie him and forcibly castrate him even if he is innocent through the eyes of the law.