Adaptation of “Contrast” by Ronald Harding

Contrast                        (page 35 from Random Thoughts, ©1967)

The final frontier is infinite,

the heliosheath is the limit,

the valley is deep and plateau is high

all beneath the sky?

The cities sleep, as

the night goes by

the dawn is always sly

in the Western palisades?

The birds singsongs

the cows moo-an

“It seems so long”

Too crude out egos out on loan?

As the wind churn mills

the turds are shills

“the clouds they” chill

across the hill.

My agenda for the next few months

Ideally I’d like to produce at least one 32-page “pulp-fiction” #novella. A digital and physical output. I choose WordPress because it seems that this is the medium for amateur writers and am hoping for some #feedback from the #community.

I’m not certain if this blog does hashtags but I guess I will find out after I publish this post.

I also want to publish at least one #poetry #chapbook by April 1st 2016. The poems will be published on my blog and hopefully the community will voice its opinion of whether or not the piece is worthy of going to print.

Hello World!

I like to write as a hobby and dare I say as a profession. Although, I’m not there yet, maybe one day I will earn a living from the my writing. As you can see I may need an editor, as I may not be using comma’s correctly.

This blog is to who my progress and give me a practical means to share my work.

I also have the lofty goal of winning the “Humanitas Prize”. I know it is quite ambitious given that I don’t even work in “the industry”, but we have to reach out for something to grasp other than the obvious.

Also writing a “SingSpiel” teleplay but just the story-line and dialogue as I’m not that musical?