Subsidizing Writing Careers Would Benefit Us All

“There are hidden costs to a career in writing, and ideal technology is one of them. Owning a Mac laptop is not about status and bandwagons for me. Having a workstation that is both aesthetically pleasing and fluidly functional is important to my writing process. It may sound silly to some, but the sheer pleasure of writing on a beautiful machine is a force that drives my work sessions. Well-crafted tools are revered in many professions and, I would argue, inspire us to do better work, whatever that work may be.”


Malahat Review Long Poem Contest 2019

I had the fortune of meeting Sonnet L’abbe when she was in town a few years ago as poet laureate of local university. I subscribe to her twitter and found this contest to enter. It’s due on  February 1st, 2019. So in the mean time you’ll find me in .random cafe’s being an extroverted hermit writing away, and hopefully not too distracted by the hipsters?



Poetry in Motion

its not as cool as i remembered

in here but the silence

is refreshing



reading the thoughts of a poet

keen enough to be published

in a fashionable zine


a page rustles as a nearby

studious lad reads away

his youth


solitary refinement is what

the lucid poet yearns

mainstream rewards


success is capitalistic punishment

a tray of freshly chopped fruit

cheap wine & expensive cheese


frolicking on the longboard

fresh air opens the doors of perspective

as jazz notes jingle

My Tumblr blog

I know tumblr isn’t the most professional forum to have a blog. However, I started one.


It mainly features re-blogs and quotes but the odd poem or prose is also included.

Happy New Year 2018

I like to celebrate the New Year according to the orthodox calendar. It gives me time to contemplate my goals for the new year. My goals are the same as last year. Submit to at least one poetry and or writing contest a month.


I found a new place to find contests. See:


It has a diverse selection of publishers to choose from and isn’t limited to Canada.

Although I like the idea of being published in a Canadian publication.

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo)

I’m planning on participating in #NaNoWriMo next month. It will be a re-write of ‘In the Company of Womyn’ but not as smutty as the pulp-fictional version. The story will be geared as a romance story from the perspective of a man that worships feminists.935020_516510475084575_1455084213_n

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day/Night

Being an honorary Irish man. It’s a shame that when people think of the Irish they think of obtuse alcoholism. Let us not confuse a honorary Irish man with an ornery one. I know my limits and drink within it. Am also in the habit of trying to make a good name for myself and desire building community and social networking.

Being a shameless drunk isn’t the impression I’d like to make upon the local community. Being a shameless poet and entertainer is a more positive method of building a reputation of being full of delightful charm.

Another Irish stereotype is being a fighter and I’d rather be a lover. Besides Conor McGregor represents that front already. Please keep the violence where it belongs, within sanctioned fights within a ring with referees. This society doesn’t need pissant fools going around being ‘scrappy’ at pubs, it needs more happiness and dare I say – love!

I’m all decked out in green apparel. Lucky shamrock drawls & socks, green corduroy pants, argyle plaid vest with lime green oxford gold shirt with a clownish large clover tie. Yet parked in front of a pc writing.

I just watched the Raptors game against the Pistons. Toronto won 87 to 75 over Detroit. However, revelry got called short as my brother from another mother got called into work on overtime tomorrow.

I’m currently editing my ‘In the Company of Womyn’ (romance novella) and will publish it here whence complete.

A novella is a pulp-fiction shortstory that typically is 32 pages and full of crass cliches…





My goal(s) for 2017

I plan on keeping on the ball and submitting to as many open-call writing contests as possible. Having missed the Rattle chapbook contest isn’t  a setback. The deadline was missed due to a technical issue with my home pc, which has since been corrected.

I updated my Spoken Word Slam Poetry chapbook to not include any personal identifiable information as listed in the submission guidelines. This seems to be a standard with contest submissions in order to keep the judgement fair honest and blind?